Strategic Plan

The LICC Strategic Plan 2016-2018 states the school's near-term goals and objectives. Topics include Leadership, Decision-Making, Instruction, Students, Faculty, Alumni, Reputation, and Financial Stability.

Decision Matrix

The LICC Decision Matrix explains how the similarities and differences of LICC, ULICAF, and ULIC. It defines the boundaries of these three organizations and it deascribes how work together.

Core Curriculum Competency Model

Liberian colleges and universities face huge challenges because people's education was disrupted or curtailed as a result of the 20-year civil war.  The LICC Core Competency Model will be used to improve courses in both the LICC Core Curriculum as well as the specializations in each educational program.

Vison 2030

The LICC Vision 2030 shows an artist's conception of what the LICC campus may look like by the year 2030. The associated LICC Dream Book explains the vision in detail.

Organization Chart

The LICC Organization Chart shows the structure of the school.


Social Media