Financial Aid form

Financial Aid

Liberia International Christian College maintains charges which are among the lowest in the nation. LICC maintains programs of assistance to qualified full and part-time students in the form of the Work Study Program and Scholarships. Applications for any form of financial aid should be made well in advance of the starting of each semester.

Financial aid is an investment in the lives of the students who receive it. The College and donors expect that students will show their appreciation by performing their best as unto the Lord.

Work Study Program

The Work Study Program is designed to provide financial assistance, by means of on-campus employment for students who are having difficulty meeting the cost of their college education. LICC students who have definite financial needs may apply in a variety of categories for a work-based financial assistance. These categories include landscaping, construction support, campus security, building maintenance, agriculture support, and other affiliated areas which provide student employment through our Work Study Program.

Each year a fiscal assessment will be done to determine the school’s ability to support the work study program. If funding is available to support the program an announcement will be placed on the school notice board.

While in the program compensation awarded to the student:

Sponsorships: Churches, Individuals, or Organizations

A Student’s church, relative, friend and organization may pay all of the tuitions and fees. Written authorization, however, must be received from those churches, relatives, friends, and organizations in the LICC Business Office. Once the official document has been verified, the payments will be applied to the student’s tuition and fees. The official document must be signed and sealed stating the student’s name and how much is being paid.

For sponsorships from individuals, relatives and friends, a formal letter must be submitted to LICC.

If students decide not to enroll, sponsorship monies will be refunded only to the sponsors. The sponsors must send a written request to the Business Office at LICC.

It is the responsibility of the student to keep the payments current. LICC is under no obligations to contact sponsors for the payment of fees.

Students whose payments are not current will be placed on a “Financial Delinquency List.” They will not be able to register for any course until all fees are paid and up-to-date.


Funds donated to LICC by institutions, foundations, churches or individuals will be used for the purposes stated above.