Academic Programs

The Liberia International Christian College offers the following four-year academic programs:

Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Theology/Missions

This program is designed to equip future church leaders to pastor existing churches and plant new churches.

Bachelor of Science in Christian Education

The objective of this program is to prepare educators to teach in integrate the Bible into existing curricula and to teach in Christian and public schools.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Management

The Business Management program prepares community leaders to launch and manage small businesses that will help to employ local workers and contribute to the growth and improvement of the country.

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

The Accounting program prepares those who manage small businesses how to maintain financial integrity through accurate record keeping and reporting.

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science

The Agricultural Science program trains people to grow crops and raise livestock using sustainable methods. This will help to reduce Liberia's dependence on food aid (as of 2014, 90% of Liberia's food is imported), and it will allow farmers to feed their families and sell surplus food for profit.

Associates Degrees

Two-year Associates degrees are also available for these programs.

Future Programs